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Hello Kittens!
Sorry for the lack of posting over here! For the absolute latest Cat Scratch News, add us on Facebook and Instagram!
With my return to school this semester and working on the production of “ALMAS“, my free time has gone out the window! BUT I have been filled with inspiration, motivation and ideas!
Thank you for all of the amazing that comes with getting to meet and speak with fans and friends all over the world!


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Zombie-Beast Mode!

Good Morning, Kittens! I am just getting up and have a HUGE Fozzie coffee mug full of STRONG coffee! <3 We are getting VERY close to our big event, Tiki Oasis! I am terribly excited for this event, it is the biggest I have ever done and all the people look so nice!

In preparation for the event, I have had to do all of my sewing on weekends and after work. So that puts me in this sort of “Beast-Zombie Mode”. What do I mean by that? As an example, yesterday, with my day job I stood in the sun for 6 hours, making sure the kids were alive and well. Then I enter Beast mode (with a slight sunburn), and pump out a ton of pressing and a few aprons, going to bed finally when my significant other told me I was crazy and needed to sleep. Now, Zombie-Mode: where I wake up at 9am on my day off, to drink coffee until I return to Beast-Mode in an hour or so.

It is a crazy cycle. But I am finishing some adorable things to bring with me! I will have a huge post in the week before Tiki Oasis, but for now, I will leave you with this:

1005332_10151732933615210_1605050201_nSorry for the low resolution, but this is an image originally from our instagram: @CatScratchClothing , but was cross-posted onto our Facebook. It has now become the most popular thing we have ever had posted there! <3


Samantha Jo



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Show Announcement! Tiki Oasis 13!

I announced this over on our facebook a few days ago but we are so excited we wanted to do it here as well:

Tikioasis13fLYERTiki Oasis is a huge event in beautiful San Diego, California, ever summer. This year it is celebrated during the weekend of August 15-18, with Car Shows, Burlesque acts, Band performances, marketplaces and much more! Our booth will be located in the Car Show area of the Crowne Plaza Hotel. I’ll have more details over the next two months!

I am planning on adding a couple of new types of items at this event, add yourself to our list here to receive all of our updates!

Tell me, what would YOU like to see new in our shop/booth?!

xox, Samantha Jo


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What I have been up to!

I have been keeping VERY busy, but not with enough Cat Scratch Stuff! What has been keeping me away? I am very privileged to be a part of a youth theatre group for the last year and a half. My first production with them was last May, when we put on Wonka Jr. It was an amazing time, and I was just getting my feet wet with all of the costuming/helping.

This year we put on a VERY BIG production of Aladdin Jr, which was an amazing success! It was difficult, making costumes for nearly 20 kids on top of my three regular jobs (which turned into 2, I just couldn’t manage it all) AND so Cat Scratch was on a bit of a hiatus! We started work in February and our shows were throughout the weekend of May 18-19. It was really wonderful to be able to design and create these costumes, the Magic Carpet being my FAVORITE! These kids are extremely talented, with the girl who played Jafar giving an AMAZING performance! Her are just a few of the pictures of our production, dress rehearsal, behind the scenes and actual performances. These kids totally steal my heart every year, and while the work really kicks my butt, we all really LOVE what we do!


For the dress rehearsal we experimented with makeup, so a lot of the kids didn’t even get their hair touched. But we took the only individuals then:

jasmineJasmine, played by the hilarious Jennielyn.

villiansJafar and Iago played by the extremely talented Luz and Brianna. That little bird made a funny sqwaking noise, that saved the show when someone forgot a line or a cue!


The genie was played by Aidan, an amazing ad-libber. Finding ways to throw in Walking Dead AND Kim Kardashian references! The lovely Paulina played the Magic Carpet, she was a real trouper, even after telling her she didn’t have to, she held her arms up like that the WHOLE time!

guardsThe Head guard, Razoul was played by Gio, with his two guards played by Dorian and Coleman.

harem3harem2haremThe Harem girls were absolutely amazing! Top row, Halia, Sarah D., Tracy, Lillith and Taylor. Bottom Row: Katia, Sarah E. and Mary.

The actual performances, all three of them went remarkably well. You always expect a few hiccups, especially with working with kids, but we only had a few throughout.

preshowHere is all of the kids listening to a pep talk from our Musical Director Vince, about 15 minutes before we opened the doors.

behindscenesdressrehearsaldressrehearsal2behindscene2During intermission I stole a picture with the cast backstage! Can you find me and my big glasses?!

closingnightThis was taken immediately after our last performance, the kids were all smiles!!

aladdinjasmineI realized right then that I didn’t have ANY pictures of these two together, so I got a quick cell phone picture! (They were just itching to get that makeup off! Literally!

The kids were amazing. All of the months of hard work, all of the blood, sweat, and tears, really paid off! Right before our last performance, we actually remembered to take some group pictures, one of the entire cast and one of the cast, crew, helpers, follow spot people, and me!


It was an amazing experience, something I know that I won’t ever forget. We had a tremendous about of volunteers/parents helping. More so then I have EVER seen in my 8 years working for the City Programs.  We had our wrap party last night, and after only a week off, all we could talk about was what was in store next! Now while I can’t say here what that is, I am more excited for that than any of the others we have done!

FlowersSome of the moms got together after the performance and brought us flowers. These are in my kitchen as we speak!

Today I finally started to learn how my new sewing machine works. It is a phenomenal machine, and I cannot wait for all of you to see what is in store for Cat Scratch this summer! A big announcement coming in the next few weeks!

That is all for now! This post has taken longer than expected and I’m itching to get back to that new machine!!

Samantha Jo

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Mini Shoot

A midst all of the craziness that is trying to get the Aladdin costumes ready for the kids, I finally had a mini-photoshoot with my amazing friend Codi Lyn! Even after a late-night the night before, we got out the makeup, re-arranged the kitchen and played for a little while!Image ImageImageImageIt is ALWAYS fun to dress up but the camera pointing at ME is always a little intimidating! Codi Lyn was absolutely amazing, playing into my camera, so naturally! A perfect Pin Up!

I’ve been asked SO MANY times about Men’s Aprons, and my response is Always: “Soon!”

A big thank you to everyone again! To Codi Lyn for helping my orchestrate the whole thing, and My wonderful Mother, for letting my re-arrange her kitchen ALL day!

The play will be finished the weekend of May 19th. So expect some amazing stuff shortly after!

<3, Samantha Jo

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Finally! An Update.

Today I uploaded some new fabrics unto our facebook page! You can view them here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151008735490210.468403.303183010209&type=1

I am very exited to finally get my hands on some of Alexander Henry’s “Skullduggery” Fabric.

Skullduggery FabricI was hoping to make a “sample” BBQ, less girl-y style apron, and my boyfriend could keep it. I get asked A LOT if I make aprons for Men and just haven’t gotten around to it. Until now. This will be the first think I undertake when I finish some more of the costumes for our production of “Aladdin Jr” at work. Which will hopefully be within the next two weeks.

I am very excited to have finally uploaded fabric images, lately I have been STOCKPILING fabric, and had yet to update the facebook at all! I always wait so long that there is a lot to do!

That is all for today, I have about 5 pairs of harem pants to make today to put me back on schedule!

<3, Samantha Jo

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