Our Story

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   None of this would be possible without the beautiful woman that was my Grandma Thelma. It was her who showed me how to sew, picking out a pattern for a skirt with attached suspenders, using a red gingham fabric with sunflowers scattered all over, how 90s right? My Grandma Thelma, or my “Grenell” as I called her, taught me so many things, to cook, to sew, and how to be a proper lady, she was truly one in a million.

   Today, armed with the basic skills she taught me, as well as what I have learned from numerous mistakes and mishaps with my own self-teaching, I am able to design, make, and sell items that are completely my own. With an affinity for all things old fashioned and retro, combined with my love for the quirky and kitsch, lies my design aesthetic. I love color, loud patterns, quirky details and it definitely shows in my work. While I love to design my items from beginning to end in my head, I absolutely love when someone brings me an idea of their own and I am able to bring it to life for them.

    Currently I am working as Costume Shop Manager at a community college while I chase my 18 month old, Hatie Jane. I will be continuing on to University in the fall of 2019 to Pursue my Bachelors of Art in Theatre. Cat Scratch is my side project that I do, along  with everything else, all under the warm California sun. Everyday my goal is to find beauty in everything, and to make people feel more beautiful, something I know my Grandma Thelma would be proud of. ❤


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